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The Jason Strudwick Show

The Jason Strudwick Show

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As a player in the NHL for 12 seasons, Jason was known for three things...

  1. A quick wit often tested but rarely beat in the dressing room.
  2. A small ass... for a hockey player
  3. A sick back hand shot which he unfortunately rarely got to use.

The last two really aren’t really much help for a talk show host but the first will come in very handy!

Jason is very excited to start a totally new career after seventeen years of professional hockey. Getting the chance to co host on the Jason Gregor show once a week off and on for the last year made him realize how much he enjoys doing it.

The many years inside a dressing will enable him to give a unique perspective on what is going on within those walls to the listeners. What players are thinking? He will be able to tell you! What were coaches thinking? You got it, he will share that as well.

It will take some time for Jason to find the perfect brown reporter’s trench coat that all reporter’s seem to wear. If you know of a good place to pick one up, let him know.

Email Jason Strudwick @Struds1260 on Twitter


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